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At Triad Plants, MNGC members are eligible for special deals, services and discounts. Here are some of our offers:

Triad “Truckpool” - Join the Ride and Save Money

Plant shipments don’t have to be expensive! At Triad Plants, we offer a special service we call “Truckpools” for customers who are flexible with their shipping dates. Truckpools can reduce your delivery fees to as little as 5% of plant costs. Sign up for email alerts so you know when Truckpools will be available in your area and take advantage of incredible shipping discounts.

MNGC Special

MNGC Tropical Plants Special

All MNGC customers get a 5% discount on all tropical plants

True Value special

Spring Pre-Book MNGC Special - Get 25% Off Shipping

Now through November, we are offering 25% off Spring LTL shipping rates. 

Spring is just around the corner, and as demand for tropicals runs high, plants become unavailable, trucks get fully booked and shipping costs go through the roof.

To ensure you get the plants you need on time, we advise pre-booking to secure your delivery date and plant availability with a low shipping cost.

Triad Logistics - You Order and We Handle the Rest

Our in-house logistics team will handle your purchase from start to finish. We consolidate your order at our shipping facility, and ship it to you at an unbeatable rate that will never exceed 40% of the plants’ cost. If you already work with a shipping company, we can also just consolidate your order and assist you with your long-haul arrangements. Your plants are always guaranteed to ship within 2 weeks.

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